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Take a detour to Michael’s On East on your way home from work Monday night for JFCS’s BeyondMe Launch Party for Young Philanthropists. It’s a completely free event and yes, there will be food, an open bar and live music! It’s a great chance to meet, network and socialize with like-minded people your age and start your philanthropic journeys together. Be among the inspiring crowd as BeyondMe kicks off with a fun and informative event on how to become a changemaker in our community.

BeyondMe’s progressive program aims to be “A Platform For Good” in the community by partnering with nonprofits and offering its members volunteer opportunities through its transformative initiative. The demographic welcomes 21-45 year olds to learn how to become involved with local charities and create change, without dollar signs attached. “We are focusing on philanthropy of the heart more than the wallet in this stage,” says Vice President of JFCS Stephen Fancher. “We want to give people who are just starting out here the forum to explore nonprofits to join in this area in one place.” Referred to as a hub concept—it’s like a one-stop-philanthropy-shop. Fancher and Chief of Development & Marketing Laura McManus-Mesia shared the same idea of concept to showcase nonprofits, while introducing the next generation to all the opportunities for small acts of kindness around them.

“It’s not about writing checks or donating money. Can you donate your time? Are you going to stop and help somebody out one day on the street? If you’re 22 years old and you buy someone a coffee—that’s philanthropy,” says McManus-Mesia. “I’ve actually run something similar back in the UK and its been very successful, so now we want to bring that same hub concept of the philanthropy world to Sarasota.” BeyondMe is writing the platform for people to start their philanthropic journey whether they're 21 or 41, and ultimately shifting how people view humanitarian efforts. It’s certainly a unique time for philanthropy—under this new system, it’s not just for the really wealthy or the retired anymore. “The idea is that by educating and engaging the younger generation coming up about what different charities do in town, they will one day become donors and supporters of the organizations that resonated with them through this program” says Fancher.

Don’t miss the BeyondMe Launch Party, to find out all the fun ways to give back and enjoy what a great community this is at any time in your life, not just in your later life. As an attendee, you’ll receive your first gift from BeyondMe, including a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, as well as activities to do with family or friends on a Saturday. "There's no place like Sarasota for philanthropy,” says McManus-Mesia. “The generosity that thrives in this town—there's just nothing else like it.”

For more information please contact Stephen Fancher at 941-366-2224 x 142, or email Carly Evans at

BeyondMe - Young Philanthropists Society Launch Party RSVP, Michael's Wine Cellar, July 16th, 7-9PM.

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