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Pickling your fancy are three lifelong friends who creatively joined forces to start a pickle company that represents their easy-going vibe and lifestyle. The fermented buddies grew up together in Sarasota, attending high school and venturing up to University of South Florida as a unit, and eventually planting roots close-by in Tampa. “We all have a passion for food, restaurants, cooking and entertainment. One day lunching out in Tampa together we scored a great burger, but were saddened to see the limp pickle accompanying it on the plate,” describes part owner James Dauenheimer. “We realized there was a need for a great pickle—perhaps we could fix that problem.” James compiled research and came up with the first batch of brined gourds to test and taste, “We tried them and agreed too much of this/not enough of this—but the crunch was amazing and we can work with that.” After much feedback from friends and local chefs, the team came up with some stellar pickles. “We were in love at first bite,” James jokes. 

Starting out in a rental kitchen five years ago, the artisan pickles soaked up all the vinegar it could salvage, before growing out of that space to fully operate out of custom-built and owned kitchen in the USF area. “We rely on our amazing team to help crank out our pickles and make sure that every jar is up to our high standards,” says James. These deliciously soaked cucumbers are made weekly with all-natural spices and herbs, so you will get that “fresh to mouth snap”. With absolutely no preservatives to be found on the ingredients label, and so many robust flavors to choose from, you’ll be hardened to go back to mainstream Kosher Dill Spears. “The godfather of it all is our Totally Original “OG” Pickles. These guys are our take on the classic dill, but they burst with flavor, crispiness and freshness,” James notes. Other top sellers include the Gnarly Garlic bites, boasting bountiful scoops of minced garlic cloves to ward away nearby vamps. The Seriously Spicy are a favorite, chock full of jalapenos and habaneros to kick your sandwich up a few notches. The Freedom Chips come in thick slices, perfect for any burger or Cuban to come alive. And the newest addition, Simply Sweet Pickles satisfy sweet tooths sans the high fructose or corn syrup. Get your saucy hands into other jarred selections like Kickin’ Carrots, Blazin’ Beans and Awesome Asparagus too, and for the real daredevil appetite—fork out a Ghost Pepper Garlic Pickle.  

The three amigos have teamed up with Troyer’s of South Florida to distribute all over Florida, including an impressive concentration of locally-owned businesses here in Sarasota, such as Lucky’s Market, Detwiler’s, Morton’s Siesta Market, The Butcher Block, Yoder’s Produce Market, Southern Steer Butcher and Geiers Sausage Kitchen, with many more to come. “If you have not tried these yet, you will not be disappointed. If you're not a pickle lover, try them because this is not a pickle—it's a Chill Dill.”

Photo provided by The Chill Dill with logo by local Sarasota artist M47 Design.

The Chill Dill

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