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Having lived in North Port nearly 25 years, I have seen City Commissioners come and go, but never anyone who is more concerned about our community than Linda Yates. We need representation of Yates’ caliber in Tallahassee for our community. Linda Yates understands the heart and soul of the real people in District 74 and she has demonstrated it over and over in the past eight years.

Recently, I received a “survey” phone call from IH Strategies that was a smear campaign against Linda Yates. After a couple of generic questions, the caller read me a script of lies and personal attacks on Linda Yates, and I felt very upset. Linda Yates has done a good job for North Port overall. I haven’t agreed with her on every vote, but I don’t agree all the time with my best friend, and we are still friends.

I am angry at the Buchanans for using their big money to smear Linda Yates rather than talking about what their plans are to deal with real issues. [James] Buchanan’s behavior made me realize that he lacks a grasp on issues because he doesn’t live or work in our district, so he resorted to stinky tactics. I don’t like it.

Checking online and Sunbiz I was unable to find IH Strategies, so it’s probably a made up name. I tried to call back the phone number three times, but you just get a busy signal. Google shows that number as a “robocall/spammer.” I’ve always liked Vern Buchanan, but this swampy behavior by his son really turned me off. I am definitely voting FOR Linda Yates for State House District 74. Go North Port!

Theresa Cline is a resident of North Port.

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