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Pictured: Brilliant, Raw Tourmaline Cuff; 3 Point Crystal Necklace; Hair On Cowhide Bracelet

Ambition, drive and inspiration from their entrepreneurial grandfather—that’s all it took for sisters Julie Jordan and Katie King Aular to establish King George Shop, an online jewelry company based here in Sarasota. The dynamic duo delivers their passion through extraordinary designs of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces, as well as handbags, beach accessories like totes and kimonos, and coffee table decor like ornamental coasters and vanity trays.

Julie and Katie place a heavy emphasis on the value of the individual customer, catering designs toward unique tastes and stylistic preferences. “We aspire to seek out and find the most beautiful, yet functional pieces that we hope will enhance your everyday life, just as they do ours,” they say. Several King George pieces can be found embellished with various types of crystals, including pyrite, amethyst, agate and quartz. Much of the “ear candy” and necklaces embody feathery designs and tassels, stretching further the bohemian, free-spirited nature of the jewelry. The sisters’ website also provides customers with blog posts covering a wide variety of topics, many of them detailing ways to style the jewelry and incorporate it into their daily lives. With a seemingly endless spectrum of stunning hues, styles and virtues of jewelry and other products, Julie and Katie bring their versatility and a simultaneously youthful and mature flare to the creative coast.

Pictured: Brilliant, Raw Tourmaline Cuff; 3 Point Crystal Necklace; Hair On Cowhide Bracelet

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