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Sorry that Ms. Antunes does not do a full investigation into the larger subject of "charter schools." Yes, they do receive State money outside of District. However, the District oversees them and charges them for services, like connections to IT for grades, attendance and registration.

My children attended a local "non-corporate" charter, Sarasota Suncoast Academy. They were in the first kindergarten classes. There were 90 students 15 years ago, now over 700. The behavior modification and training they received at SSA made them the kind of adults I wish we all could be. 

The School District is currently trying to figure out how to get the exact same behavior training to District teachers. Finally realizing that behavior training affects graduation rates and even the horrors of recent school shootings. The schools are being hardened on the outside for safety, but hopefully, softened on the inside to teach cooperation, self control and empathy.

True that not all Charter schools are great, but lumping them into the same basket is not accurate. It's a great public disservice to do so.

Nancy Taylor is a parent and substitute teacher at Sarasota Suncoast Academy.

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