Delp: Rose Will Provide Expert Schools Leadership

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While I have great respect for all those who choose to run for the School Board, I am endorsing Karen Rose for the District 4 seat. I have known Karen for almost 30 years and I value her laser–like focus on student achievement and the overall wellbeing of children.

I have decided to support her because I know she will forcefully address the school safety issues facing Sarasota County—and every other school system in the nation. While having resource officers in every school is a valued first step, I believe that addressing the underlying issues that result in school violence is essential. Her background in working with students and families in crisis, students with emotional problems, bullying issues, etc. make her an ideal candidate to guide and lead in this critical area.

I know Karen will insist on the development of effective programs to identify, report and address these safety issues. Further, I trust she will support the need for additional counselors, social workers and psychologists to deal specifically with these exigent mental health issues.

School safety concerns are not going to magically disappear. It will take proactive measures and expert leadership to direct this ongoing effort. I believe Karen Rose will be tenacious in addressing today’s most critical school issue.

Wilma Hamilton Delp is a former superintendent of Sarasota County Schools.

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