Fall Flavors Sweep Sunny Sarasota

Marina Jack


As the first day of autumn fast approaches, there is a snap to the air, a distinctive crunch of fallen leaves and the nostalgic crackling of fires in the night. At least – that’s the rumor beach-dwelling Floridians hear. Although the weather in the Sunshine State may see few changes in the coming months, the rich, warm flavors of fall have begun to make to their way onto menus up and down the Gulf Coast. Should you find yourself pining for the foliage of New England, take a trip to Marina Jack this season and allow the Cedar Plank Chilean Salmon to briefly transport your taste buds north.

Although the hearty portion of fresh Chilean salmon is clearly the star of this dish, it’s what you’ll find below that truly sets it apart. A plank of white cedar from the woods of Maine serves as the vehicle for the fish, and it has been charred to perfection; summoning a scent that stirs memories of a warm campfire on a cool evening. The salmon is baked atop the white cedar plank, infusing the dish with an irresistible smoky flavor. Continuing our New England tour, a Vermont Maple stone-ground mustard glaze smothers the main course, complimenting the refreshing salmon with a flavor both sweet and tangy. With a side of crisp asparagus to brighten the autumnal plate, revel in the spirit of the season with this remarkable dish, arriving soon to Marina Jack’s fall menu.

2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota

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