Good Continues to Dominate in Fundraising



The fight for votes in state House District 72 could come down to the wire, but when it comes to the race for contributions, incumbent Margaret Good leads Republican challenger Ray Pilon by a mile.

Good, who shocked the political world with a special election win in February, has raised $378,352 dollars to date, while Pilon has pulled in $106,372. That means she’s raised more than any other candidate in the two-county area over the entire election cycle.

Her war chest includes $51,425 in monetary contributions just over a two week period from September 15 through 28. In that time, the Florida Democratic Party also provided more than $20,000 of in-kind support. And with less than a month between now and Election Day, the candidate is spending money even faster than it’s coming in.

“We are communicating with voters about the issues that matter to Sarasota: public education, the environment, our local economy and access to affordable healthcare,” says Good.

Of course, a six-figure haul for Pilon is nothing to sneeze at. Pilon is the only candidate in the region challenging an incumbent this November (state Rep. Newt Newton won re-election in the August Democratic primary and faces no general election opposition). But the Republican candidate does have the advantage of having won this district twice before; the former state representative served the area from 2010 through 2016.

And in a sense, he’s running on the platform of keeping Republicans in charge in Tallahassee. In that sense, Good still sounds like a candidate demanding change and Pilon the one fighting for continuity.

“The main message is that we need common sense in Tallahassee, not more taxes and spending” Pilon says, noting Florida’s economy just grew 3.7 percent under Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-led Legislature. “Why change that?” Pilon asks.

Pilon and Good face off in the November 6 general election. All voters in District 72 can vote.

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