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One of the most important things we do at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota is prepare people for their future. We take pride in every graduate who enters the workforce or moves on in their pursuit of higher education. We have accomplished our goal of providing the quality education that prepares students for the next step.     

Dual enrollment is another opportunity for SCF to prepare students for the future. High school students can test their abilities and pursue their interests while earning college credits at no cost by taking college classes on one of our campuses with a college professor. We are committed to ensuring that the quality of courses we offer our dual enrollment students meets our high standards and provides a successful degree pathway.

After careful consideration, research and discussions, SCF will deliver our dual enrollment program directly on our Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and online campuses beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

There are many advantages to taking dual enrollment courses. The most obvious is that students can enter a college or university with credits already completed, reducing the time and cost to earn a degree. Participation in dual enrollment has been shown to increase both high school completion and college enrollment. Dual enrollment students are more likely to enroll full time in college and perform better while there, earning more credits with better grades than their peers who did not participate in the program.

At SCF, we know students gain valuable collegiate-level experience by taking classes on one of our campuses. Students gain confidence by successfully completing college courses delivered by a professor with expertise in their field. Success in dual enrollment on a SCF campus gives students the confidence to know they will be successful at their next educational step. By interacting with professors and taking part in classroom discussions and projects with college students at SCF, they will be comfortable with the environment they encounter as a full-time college student. Success in dual enrollment courses while in high school is a great indicator for success when enrolled in a college or university.

Dual enrollment students can take classes that define or confirm their interests in a course of study. They can test the waters to see if a field of study meets their expectations or is not what they anticipated and avoid excess credit hours and costs through a change of major down the road. Interactions with their classroom peers and professors can also shape their interests and open new pathways.

SCF dual enrollment students get full access to the same academic and advising support services on our campuses that they will encounter at other postsecondary institutions. Students who are familiar with the quality, depth and variety of support provided by SCF will be more likely to use these services at another institution when challenges arise.

Information about SCF’s dual enrollment/early college program is available at

Nothing is more important to the faculty, staff and trustees of SCF than providing quality educational opportunities that set up our students for a lifetime of success.

Dr. Carol Probstfeld is president of State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

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