Bringing the Sunshine, and the Boogie, to the Van Wezel



Through a career spanning 45 years, KC and the Sunshine Band has cemented itself into the annals of musical history as one of the best in the boogie business. From hits like “That’s the Way” and “Shake Your Booty” to Grammy Award-winning albums like Saturday Night Fever, it’s been a long and funky road—and that road now leads to the Van Wezel on November 24 for one night only. SRQ caught up with Harry Wayne Casey (KC) to talk love for the audience and future tunes.

What's your favorite part of touring? Some bands do it for a year and stop for three, but you’re still going strong. KC: I just keep going. This is what I do and this is what I love to do. So my favorite moment is the moment I get on that stage, so that's what I look forward to each time.

What is it about that moment? In the studio there's no audience. You make this music, and then it gets put out there, and your photographs and videos and appearances and stuff are seen by millions of people, but you never really actually see the people. There's no connection until you get up on the stage, and then you finally have a connection with the fans that have supported your music. And that's just the greatest moment.

What do you hope to see from the Sarasota audience when you get here? Well, I hope they're all coming out to have a great time and create some new memories and drag up some old memories, hopefully good ones. Just come out and have a good time. That's what life's about, that's what our music's about. And we just come there to have fun that night and just forget about everything else going on around you in the world. 'Cause life's too short. You know, you never know when that number's up, and I believe you should taste all the flavors of the ice cream, you should ride the merry-go-rounds, you should smell the roses, you should do everything and definitely enjoy life to the fullest.

As you play hits like “Get Down Tonight” over the course of so many years, do you look at them differently now? I pretty much look at them the same way I always have looked at them. I don't ever really sit back and analyze them. Because once the record comes out, I move on to the next project or the next song or the next idea in my head. I don't pay a lot of attention to what's in the past as much as what's the future.

What’s next for KC and the Sunshine Band? I'm looking forward to 2019, 'cause there’re a lot of projects in the works. I have a new single coming out next year with me and Nile Rodgers from Chic and Tony Moran. Then just staying out there touring.

Pictured: KC and the Sunshine Band. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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