Inside the Artist's Process with Taylor Robenalt



Taylor Robenalt is a ceramic artist influenced by human beings, flora, and fauna who uses her art as a direct way to illustrate emotions. Ms. Robenalt is currently employed by Ringling College or Art and Design and co-founder of the sculpture collective, Ceramic Sculpture Culture.

What is your vision as an artist?  To make a mark on the contemporary ceramics world and to be a powerful educator that helps guide the next generation of artists to reach their goals.

Share with us your inspiration as an artist? I get inspiration out of my daily life and transform them into reoccurring symbols in my work. I also pull from my dreams.

How would you describe your process? Ceramics is a very process-based material. I spend a lot of my time making the work and then work on surfaces. I fire my work three times as well.

What is your favorite medium to work in and why? Clay, because it can be made to look like anything and it is an additive and subtractive material.

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