Alfstad& Editions Kicks Off "Most Fridays" with Wolfgang Jennings Pop-Up



Forging a path beyond “First Fridays” or “Second Saturdays” or the unseemly desperation of “I-Know-It’s-A-School-Night-But-Please-Come Tuesdays,” Alfstad& Editions kicks off its “Most Fridays” concept tonight with a pop-up exhibition from experimental painter and sculptor Wolfgang Jennings. A one-night-only exhibition, the doors open at 5pm.

As the name would suggest, Most Fridays occur on, well, most Fridays, with Alfstad& Editions’ Chris Schumaker inviting artists working in a variety of media to take over the studio wall for an ephemeral art experience in a one-night pop-up show. Largely free from the restraints of the Gregorian Calendar, Schumaker hopes to see the series grow into something of a signature Rosemary attraction, riding a fine line between predictable regularity (“Fridays”) and spontaneous fun (“Most”).

Hailing from St. Pete and a student at Ringling College of Art and Design, Jennings brings something of a renegade explorer’s attitude to the six paintings and three sculptures on display tonight, and sometimes thinking outside the box means painting on it. Working on glass, Jennings wields his primary colors with confident strokes, making marks on both sides of the glass and even up and over the pristine white frame that holds it. And with a fair amount of remaining transparency remaining, the image is never really complete until it’s hanged. “The light interjects and creates a composition on the wall,” says Schumaker. “The work is contemporary—cutting edge—and the concepts are out there.”

And that’s not even getting into the sculptures, painstakingly created from layers of plexiglass, each holding individual drops of paint within carefully beveled divots, sandwiched in place to form a three-dimensional form suspended in the semi-transparent substrate.

The Wolfgang Jennings Pop-Up Show opens tonight at 5pm at Alfstad& Editions with the artist in attendance. As part of the “Most Fridays” series, a collectible print/poster will be available for sale.


Pictured: "Rest" by Wolfgang Jennings.

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