"Sanctuary: The Chakra Project" Comes to Grace Howl Contemporary

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A community collaboration brings Sanctuary: The Chakra Project to Grace Howl Contemporary Art tonight from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Inspired by Grace Howl’s vibrational chakra paintings and Paul Shuler’s healing chakra meditations, mindfulness master and yoga instructor Jamie Coffey will help bring this collaborative vision to fruition—an experience of visual art, live music, meditation and mindfulness.

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel,” and the chakra system posits seven energy centers throughout the body, each with its own color and sound. Patrons will enter into a trio-sensory-stimulation, seeing Howl’s meditative paintings, hearing Shuler’s healing vibrations and actively moving through the space and meditating with a dedicated mantra for each chakra point. The combination of these layers are intended to alter the frequency of the visitor, as they will be enveloped in a space dedicated to awakening the energy within these centers.

On Saturday, Coffey will be leading a special Yoga Flow event in the space, integrating special mantras and moves to music. The class is open to roughly 20 participants. Registration is available on Coffey’s website.

"Sanctuary: The Chakra Project" with Jamie Coffey

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