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For weekend warriors, athletes, gym goers and on-the-go individuals, Kamsa needs no further introduction. For hydration that seriously lasts, break the cap of the newest natural hydration beverage on the market. Kamsa drinks came from the Kamsa Indians, native to the Colombian Amazon. Powered by panela, unrefined cane extract, it proves leaps and bounds better than your average enhanced water, most likely convoluted with regular refined sugar and chemical alternatives. Panela water has been used by the Kamsa indigenous people and other native Indians in the Amazon for over 500 years, to help with hydration in their extreme environment, including high temperatures and humidity. Traditionally, panela is made by dehydrating sugar cane extract over a low heat to derive a beverage ingredient that actually adds a distinctive caramel overtone to provide the naturally sweet flavors of Kamsa drinks.

Additionally, this exoic refreshment is fueled by a packed nutritional label of natural fruit flavors, healthful electrolytes and essential antioxidants, and is also GMO, gluten and caffeine-free. Thirst-quenching and succulent flavors include High Mountain Citrus, Deep Forest Hibiscus/Mixed Berry, Wild Tropics Pineapple/Coconut and South Island Mango/Peach.  

Kamsa is headquartered out of Doral, FL, with manufacturing facilities located in Clearwater. Find Kamsa drinks at Lucky’s Market, 3501 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 941-260-1223.

Photo courtesy of Kamsa.

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