Neal Communities Donates Shop for Parrish Firefighter Training



Neal Communities recently donated the use of the old Palmetto Pines Golf Course sandwich shop to the Parrish Fire Rescue District to conduct firefighter training. Over the course of two months, about 22 firefighter personnel participated in real-life training scenario simulations using the structure slated for demolition. The Parrish Fire Rescue District utilized the building to give firefighters the opportunity to train on various tasks and exercises in a controlled environment. Some of the scenarios included firefighter search and rescue, forcible entry, rescue drills, self-contained breathing apparatus use and pump operations and breaching walls, windows and roofs.

“Currently, we don’t have a designated training tower or building to use,” said Parrish Fire Rescue District Division Chief Michael Williamson. “Receiving an acquired structure offers invaluable training to our firefighters and benefits the Parrish community as a whole. We look forward to fostering this relationship with Neal Communities.”

The donated site will be the future home of Canoe Creek, a new Parrish neighborhood by Neal Communities.

Neal Communities

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