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A modern menu revamp takes shape at State Street Eating House + Cocktails. Introducing a craveable foray of plant-based options and protein accents, diners can now create innumerable combinations of wholesome mash-ups. First and foremost, the new menu puts mindful meals front and center, while allowing guests to capitalize on an aspect that many restaurants frown upon—personalizing.

The latest expansion features a dozen new ‘Chef’s Special Garden Selections’, such as the Seared Cauliflower (drizzled with salted mango chili puree and plated atop a vibrant blend of corn, okra, sweet pepper, cilantro and shallots) or the Szechuan Noodles (sauteed seaweed and a fresh duck egg yolk). Diners can then elect to build upon and enhance their dish of choice with one of eight ‘Protein Preferences’, such as sustainable salmon, seared tofu, domestic shrimp, herb and tumeric marinated chicken, grilled octopus or grass-fed beef.

"He has a way with vegetables that will drive you nuts, they're so good," restaurant co-owner Chris Voelker says of Chef Adam Ruth’s innovations for the menu revamp. With health-conscious choices in an increasingly high demand, Chef Ruth specially delivers flavorful fare to satisfy not only dietary considerations, but diners who simply value dishes that nourish the palate as much as the body.

Pictured: Seared Cauliflower with Organic Grilled Chicken Breast, Sticky Rice Bowl with Grilled Wild Domestic Shrimp, Half-Crispy Potato & Arugula with Pan-Roasted Salmon.

State Street's New Menu

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