Measured Treasure Math Challenge Winners at Alta Vista Elementary



John Annis, senior vice president at Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, had been collecting coins in a glass jar at home over the last four years and was ready to cash them in. However, inspired by an initiative of Barancik Foundation to train teachers to use fun and engaging scenarios to teach students math techniques, Annis approached Sarasota County Schools to find a better way to invest the money.

Through the Measured Treasure Math Challenge, Annis challenged the students of dozens of local elementary school classrooms to put their math skills to the test and estimate how many dollars the coins in his jar would add up to. Students were provided the dimensions of the jar and a rough idea of how many pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters were in it, and the closest would keep the money to throw a class party.

On March 10, Annis and members of Sarasota County Schools surprised Amylynn Seider’s third-grade class at Alta Vista Elementary School by delivering the jar of coins, and news that their winning guess of $330 was only one dollar away from the $331 total. Annis surprised the class once again, when he announced he also had a $331 check for Seider to use however she wanted.

Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

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