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As we bid farewell to beloved, downtown mainstay Louies Modern, devout foodies and wellness fanatics unite to celebrate the opening of Tableseide’s newest restaurant concept to replace it. Enter, Lemon Tree Kitchen. With not nearly as many nutritious, local dining options to choose from as one would expect in an active, mindful community as Sarasota, anticipation has grown like the evergreen tree bursting with vitamin C it has created its citrus-centered motif from.

And today’s the day. Opened for business in its newly-cultivated scene, the Tableseide team managed to change over Louies Modern full tilt, in just one fleeting week. Its new vibrant, modern interior is as much casual as it is trendy. A statement mural took shape over the weekend by St. Pete artist Elle LeBlanc, while the rest of the space breathes a bright, airy openness, plenty of greenery and rustic wood furnishings. And many locals will be happy to know Louies Modern staff members are back and squeezing every bit of the exciting rebranding.

The menu provides a twist (if you will) on American classics that also fit into a health-conscious lifestyle, at an affordable price point no less. Hyper-focused on fresh, local ingredients, the wholesome menu offers truly clean eats—without sacrificing bold flavors or serving sizes—breaking the stigma that eating healthy means an unsatisfied belly growling for more. Additionally, a number of dishes fulfill dietary genres like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-friendly, paleo, keto and Mediterranean, among others.

“Lemon Tree Kitchen is right on trend with what’s happening in the culinary world,” says Joe Seidensticker, CEO of Tableseide Restaurant Group. “Diners are craving to eat out and enjoy meals that are not only delicious, but good for them. Sarasota has so many locals and visitors who are passionate about their healthy lifestyle—at Lemon Tree Kitchen, they can enjoy dishes that they’ll feel good about—without sacrificing taste or draining their wallet.”

Photo provided by Tableseide Restaurant Group

1289 North Palm Ave., Sarasota, 941-552-9688, @thelemontreekitchen.

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