Lincoln Board Backs Selby Plan

On Planning


We are the Board of Directors of The Lincoln Park Homeowners Association located on Osprey Ave in Hudson Bayou.

After reviewing Selby Gardens' Masterplan and revisions, and as their neighbors, we approve of Selby Gardens' revised Masterplan. 

We believe Selby Gardens is a wonderful asset to our community and are happy that they want to improve, expand and update their facilities while remaining on the same footprint of land. 

Thank you to Selby Gardens for keeping the area informed and taking steps to protect the neighborhood from noise, smell, traffic and other impacts. We appreciate that they have spent the effort and money to address issues and hear what their neighbors have to say.

We know it is difficult to please everyone while making upgrades and changes.
It is, in fact, nearly impossible. Selby Gardens' communication has gone a long way to make us feel that they are going forward with this project with an eye to providing an even better Selby Gardens within an urban area while being respectful of our residential flavor and lifestyles.

We ask Selby Gardens to please continue keeping the surrounding neighborhoods “in the loop” as the inevitable problems that arise need to be addressed.

Glenn Saiger, Neil Kopinski and Lynn Murrell are officers for the Board of Lincoln Park, a Hudson Bayou community.

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