Omeza Aims to Disrupt the Wound Care Industry

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Having recently moved to a new office space in Downtown Sarasota, the skin nutrition and life sciences company Omeza aims to meet an “unmet market need” with affordable regenerative skin care products, which provide topical healing agents for chronic wound management. “The medical field right now is focused entirely too much on either basic First Aid supplies, or the Cadillacs of care like expensive skin grafting,” says Omeza COO Sarah Kitlowski. “Nobody’s looking at the middle-ground.”

The company was founded when Thomas Gardner—a retired global pharmaceutical and skin care executive of Johnson & Johnson—partnered with Griscom “Chip” Bettle, a renowned chemical engineer and product inventor, and Dr. Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS, a leader in limb/extremity salvage, and founder of the Save a Leg, Save a Life foundation. Conducting biotechnology marine research at Mote Marine Laboratory, University of Florida and consumer testing organizations, led to a core ingredient formulation. That “game-changing” ingredient comes from the sea—more specifically from wild-caught fish oils, known as omega-3. The fatty acids are intricately extracted and isolated for their collagen and anti-inflammatory properties, which help increase blood flow and healing.

In cases of diabetes, aging ailments, disease or amputee surgery, the entire system experiences adverse trauma that is not able to deliver a productive amount of nutrients, vitamins and proteins to the site where it especially needs a stimulant. “We’re driving a high-dosage of omega-3s directly onto exposed skin that has been compromised or damaged,” says Kitlowski. “The value of putting what the body needs, right where it needs to be, stimulates the healing rate.”

The first consumer product launched on Amazon in 2018, called Omega-3 Emollient Spray—the first anhydrous (without water) moisturizer and exfoliant, rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D, E and K. Originally, the flagship oil spray was only available through Amazon, but has since garnered intrigue from practitioners, apothecaries and clinicians/physicians nationwide, and is now available at two local pharmacies The Sarasota Apothecary and GulfCare Pharmacy. Omeza plans to hand-select similar high-quality independent pharmacies to serve additional geographic markets, in addition to launching supplementary products to its line—including Lidocaine Lavage, Sustained Release Hydrocolloid Dressing and the Collagen Matrix.

Treating poison ivy, blisters, shingles and third-degree burns, as well as venous ulcers, laser scarring, psoriasis/eczema and more, Omeza shares many of its patients being able to shower without pain for the first time in years, or wear shorts unashamed again without compression socks covering. “Instead of disassociating with parts of their body with compromised wounds, we’re giving them back hope and confidence in their skin so they can go back to doing the things they did before,” says Kitlowski. “Chronic doesn’t have to mean you live with it forever.”

Photo of Kitlowski in the new Omeza office by Wyatt Kostygan.

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