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The concept of the campaign resembles that of missing persons on milk cartons, but much furrier and saucier. Brancato’s Brick Oven Pizza is the first pizzeria in Florida to put “Lost Dog” flyers on its boxes for takeout and delivery. So the next time you order the “Smokin’ Goodfella” pie, don’t worry about going home “to grab your shinebox,” just take your pizza box and go. But before breaking open the gangster contents in the cardboard—roasted red pepper cream sauce, melted smoked mozzarella, spicy Italian sausage, fresh garlic, red onion and basil, on a nod-worthy crust—take a mental note of the wet nose adhered to it and don’t you “Fuggedaboutit.” That puppy face has a famiglia who very much wants to be reunited. For family-owned Brancato’s, it was a no-brainer to partner with local nonprofit, Lost & Found Pets 941—understanding wholeheartedly how important family is. And “pets are family,” says Co-owner Alex Christianson, a dog owner himself. “Any part in reuniting them is fantastic for us, the owner and the pet.” 

People can make their own flyers and bring them in, or Lost Pet Services will supply them, then update on whether the pets have been returned to owners. The photo of a handsome Maltese/Shih Tzu mix named Bob, comes plastered on the box—not to bum you out that he’s lost, but as a visual utensil to recognize his mug straying the streets. While you may very well be the reason a missing dog finds its way back to its loving home, a shamelessly satisfying bonus remains the “real deal” wood-fired New York-style pizza—coming straight outta Brooklyn and making a name for itself in Bradenton and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Brancato's

Brancato's Brick Oven Pizza, 5227 Manatee Ave. W Bradenton, 941-896-6922.

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