Selby Gardens as an Energy Net Positive Project



Is there another Energy Net Positive project on the city of Sarasota’s horizon? Is there even a LEED Platinum project? Is it sufficient for Sarasota to rest on its laurels of being Florida’s West Coast Cultural Center?  Or, should the city look forward and become Florida’s leader in Green Energy projects?

I understand the neighbors’ concern about potential traffic increase. However, I hope that by the time Selby’s renovation is completed, through-traffic on US 41 will have been rerouted from University Parkway in the North to US 301 or further east. Since over a decade now Sarasota has suffered from Ken Thompson’s insistence on separating the waterfront from the City with US 41. It’s now time for Tamiami to become a secondary road that services adjacent residents, businesses and parks.

Noise from Selby’s restaurant can be mitigated. Architects and Planners know how to do this.

Trees can be moved. Contractors know how to do this.

Have the neighbors offered areas in their neighborhoods where Selby could plant the trees that are currently on the garage site?

Selby can become an information venue for Energy Net Positive, like Washington DC’s American Geophysical Union renovation is for Energy Net Neutral. You may want to take the time to check out the AGU site:;

You may also want to check out the DC government site on green buildings:;

You’ll find that the city of Washington, DC has mandated LEED Silver construction for commercial buildings since 2006. 

Would Sweden’s Greta Thunberg and Sarasota’s Ella Mirman support Selby’s Net Positive Energy botanical complex?   Will Sarasota’s mayor, city commissioners and Selby’s neighbors?

Letter submitted by Maria Haber, Sarasota

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