IMPORTANT NOTICE: SRQ Magazine has officially rescheduled the SkillSHARE that was scheduled for April 9th to June 11, 2020 as a precaution with the COVID-19 virus. 


SRQ | The Magazine in collaboration with the Women Who Roar Leadership Circle is hosting the eighth SRQ SkillSHARE event for women professionals of all ages and phases in their careers seeking mentorship and advice from some of Sarasota and Bradenton's most notable women. Join us for a speed mentorship summit focusing on management, entrepreneurship, philanthropic engagement, professional development and personal growth.

Open to professionals in business, non-profits, education, arts, health, science, technology, philanthropy and entrepreneurship in Sarasota and Bradenton looking to make connections, learn from industry movers and shakers and have questions answered at the speed of life, this event will be as enlightening as it is fun.

Made for speed, SkillSHARE is the basics of mentorship concentrated into mini-sessions that encourage honest interactions and allow for spontaneous connection. This event is a way to meet like-minded professionals, make valuable connections and get straight to your most burning questions about career and personal development. Each participant will be paired with several mentors for mini-sessions. Lasting from 10-12 minutes, each mini-session is unstructured, allowing for conversation, guidance and direction from each mentor. 

With new friends, insights and connections, each group launchs into mentoring breakout sessions in which skilled mentors meet with participants for four rounds of 15-minute concentrated mini-sessions. Enthusiastic participants are armed with specific questions looking for advice from some of the regions top female entrepreneurs. SRQ’s skilled mentors share their own experiences on participant’s questions on a myriad of topics from navigating the ladder to success and effectively communicating with team members to maintaining a business and work life balance. Mentors and mentees alike share their delight in learning from each other and their in-depth conversations.

Comments from participants of previous SkillSHARE summits

"I gained a wealth of knowledge from the mentors I visited. I was very impressed how well it was structured. I met some really impressive women in a various business settings. I was most pleased with the age range of everyone that attended - I was glad to see that you are never too old or too young to learn from others."
"Wonderful and energetic evening.Completely exceeded my expectations. The professionalism and caliber of the mentors and mentees was a great mix."
"All the mentors had suggestions that I will follow up on. Two especially had ideas that I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. One idea was a very different approach to a problem I have been seeking help for and the other was a personal connection that could take the networking even farther. Thank you for hosting this event and everything you do for the community."
"It was not at all what I expected, it was so much more. All of the mentors I talked to were incredible and I heard so many great things. I also heard some things I didn't want to hear but probably needed to. Thank you!"

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