THE ARCHITECTURAL, INTERIOR AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN FIRM [STRANG]  has received countless awards and international acclaim for its custom coastal homes and luxury condos by implementing what founder Max Strang, FAIA, likes to call Environmental Modernism. The sustainable designs and tropical landscapes have come to define the [STRANG] brand—engaging conscious space-planning, integrating passive ventilation and daylighting strategies, incorporating lush nature and aquatic oases, and sourcing local materials whenever possible. “Why import stone from Italy,” says Strang, “when we have a bunch of great rock here in the state of Florida?” He credits the imperishable and visually appealing coral of Florida ‘keystone’, found in many of its projects, as well as a Miami-local limestone called oolite. Growing up in a Winter Haven house designed by Sarasota School of Architecture founder Gene Leedy, Strang holds a deep respect for structures that are intimately connected to their regional surroundings—channeling inspiration from Sarasota’s footprint on the mid-century modern movement, including timeless concepts set forth by SAF. “We like to take those principals from SAF, update them and advance them to today’s era.” Which are even more powerful today as they were then—with buildings causing a third of all energy usage, not transportation. “Sarasota has this authentic claim to modern architecture going back to the 1940s. Not many places can claim that,” Strang says. It’s no coincidence the team decided to expand from its Miami and Fort Lauderdale offices—appropriately pinning the (941) as its third area code by making moves into the Rosemary District’s newly developed BOTA Center. The wandering wayfarer can spot [STRANG]’s distinctly high-end properties throughout the Keys, Colorado, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Bali and United Arab Emirates. “Each one of our projects is wedded to its specific site—it’s more of a living environment approach,” he says of the firm’s climate-driven designs. “All of our best and favorite projects are ones that resonate with their site so well.” Strange now holds the key to perspective and protection with sensual designs of building envelopes commingling with the Gulf Coast’s beachline.

 In their brand new studio office at the BOTA Center. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.