Les Jardins

Low-powered LED bulbs allow Les Jardins Lighting, which just introduced a new line of high-end outdoor lighting, to bring to market increasingly powerful luminaria that don’t draw power from electrical outlets. The latest iteration of the solar module is a deliberate choice to incorporate the latest cutting-edge solar technology and bring luxury within reach at the same time. Products include: Colored Torche—These lights highlight walkways and garden paths, producing 500 lumens apiece.  Bumps—The lanterns create a shadow box effect with a wood exterior, perfect for lighting boat docks and boardwalks.  Skaal—The table lights can be taken on glamping trips to set a mood around a campfire or barbeque pit, or they can simply go on a patio or picnic table in the backyard to make the yard a cozier place. The new line of lights works off modern architecture principles, and each light can produce 200 hours of light off a single full solar charge. Les Jardins, www.lesjardins.solar.

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Inner Light

New products available at Sarasota-based Inner Light Electric let you illuminate your entire backyard by capturing solar in the day and employing it in the evening. The company sells Generac batteries strong enough to keep deck lights. Technicians promise a 75-percent savings in lighting bills and LED lamps that don’t require replacement. The energy-efficient system can be employed on decks, patios and ponds. “We’re lighting whole yards that used to take 600 watts of power, but we’re doing it all with a 40-watt setup and we get the same intensity and brightness,” says Kevin Roche, project manager for Inner Light. While you still need full power for lighting up large trees, he says, anything from pathways to decks can be lit using cells that can be connected to solar panels, he says. Inner Light Electric, 8466 North Lockwood Ridge Rd. #323, Sarasota, 941-951-0363. 

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