Unleash your inner Knight in Sweaty Gym Socks and bring a little bit of the Dark Ages to your workout (in a good way) with MaceFit, the latest training regimen from trainer Frank DiMeo, owner of The Cave, off Ashton Road. Harnessing what DiMeo calls “centrifugal strength training,” MaceFit novitiates wield adjustable ADEX maces and clubs in swinging arcs and circular patterns, activating multiple muscle groups and mining extreme range of motion for best results. “You’re not gonna do that with a barbell,” says DiMeo. And with weighted maces ranging from five pounds to 50 it’s a regimen for beginners and veterans alike. “The only thing we ask is that you come in with a coachable attitude and be willing to learn.” But class sizes stay small, for more personal attention and safety/swinging room.