It’s hard to put into words what our pets mean to us. It doesn’t matter what breed or age, where we find them or how we find them—they become part of you, and your home. You love them hard, and they love you back even harder. Well, cats might be another matter, but as long as we feed them, right? Pets give us an unsurpassable amount—from simple companionship to reliable emotional support and physical guidance. Whether canine or feline, they stand by our side through breakups, comfort us when loved ones pass and celebrate the birthday song in frenetic barks and yowls when candles are lit. Through thick and thin, pets have, and forever will, remain a powerful symbol of family, unconditional loyalty and support. And they never have to say a word—a helicopter tail dance does just the trick.  From cuddles to puddles, it’s time to honor those fur creatures for all they do in our every day. Give a warm welcome to the Best in Show winners of SRQ’s Pets We Love Contest, chosen from the numerous submissions the SRQ team received. We thoroughly enjoyed all the stories about your partners in crime and their talents, quirks and tricks, naughty habits and adorable attributes. You’re all in for a real treat.


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