Life verily is a highway for digital nomads Robert and Nicole Zaleski—the husband-and-wife team behind RZ Creative Productions. Needing only a hot spot and a parking lot, Nicole, the creative producer, and Robert, the director of photography, run their business entirely from the comfort of a cozy, built-out Mercedes Sprinter. Nimble and responsive, RZ Creative positions itself to be a brand’s experiential storyteller through palpable photography, custom visual content and full-scale video production—working with a cargo of name-drop-worthy clients such as National Geographic, Backpacker, Outside Magazine, Pandora, Men’s Journal, AirBnB and Animal Planet. Whether peeking out at the foggy mist engulfing the Golden Gate Bridge, cruising at altitude in the Rockies or cautiously camping swamp-side in the Everglades, they answer to not only the call of the wild, but also the call of their clients, who seek their original and engaging digital content. So while the traditional path of marriage unfolds for others—a landscaped yard fenced in with a Labrador retriever, in a quiet suburban neighborhood and a single mailing address—this couple took a hard left turn and buckled up for an indefinite journey traversing state lines. 


How did you retrofit the van?   We purchased our van used, and after lots of research and countless hours pouring over YouTube “Van Life” videos and tutorials, we felt confident in taking on the challenge of building out the van ourselves. We built it with our specific needs in mind and were sure to include elements that not only felt like home, but also supported our workflow. Transitioning to life on the road caused us to change the way we think, live and obtain work.


Where has van life taken you thus far?   Since heading out on the open road in May of 2018, we’ve visited 23 states and also spent time exploring Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We were thrilled to see the leaves change in Maine, as well as escape the cold by spending most of the winter in Florida. While neither of us are from here, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed calling Sarasota and the surrounding areas ‘home’ for the past several months


What’s on the road map for this year?   Travel plans for 2019 are coming together with stops in the Carolinas before heading up to the Northeast. We’re driven by our work, so life on the road can be really spontaneous.


How has being mobile opened the door for RZ Creative Productions?    We’re a one-stop-shop when it comes to marketing needs, and life on the road has allowed us to work with all kinds of businesses and agencies, putting all of our skills to use. We’re in a unique position because we’re mobile, so we can be wherever our clients need us to be. Traveling to new locations on a regular basis also allows us to create and deliver fresh content to a wide variety of clientele.


What are perks of van life?    Our favorite part is having the freedom to explore new areas of the country while connecting with new people and expanding our network of clientele along the way. Traveling has allowed us to wake up in some of the most beautiful and scenic places, all while maintaining our busy schedule of servicing clients, planning for upcoming shoots and connecting with local businesses.


What’s next for you two?   While living this way is not without its challenges, we’re not ready to settle back into a stationary life just yet. We often joke that we’re just on one big tour to discover where we want to settle down next. When that time does come, we look forward to finding a new place to call home and starting a whole new kind of adventure. 


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