“I didn’t want performance wear fabric for lifestyle clothing. Lululemon does that. Under Armour does that,” says Ricardo Aviles, founder of Oak & Stone Clothing Co. “I just wanted normal, everyday clothing.” After so many unsuccessful fitting-room changes, Aviles tired of not being able to fit properly in any quality tees or button-down shirts. Too long. Too tight. Too baggy or boxy. Not enough give. Channeling his inner Goldilocks to find the “just right” fit, it was time to manage his own temp for his porridge—amped to solve a largely untalked about need for men with broad shoulders and tapered waistlines. “Modern menswear is not made for athletic builds,” he admits. “So I set out to build a brand that solved that problem.” Aviles took himself off the bench and put himself into the textile game—spending the following six months just coming up with the brand concept. “I learned as much as I could cram into my brain about the fashion industry,” he says, replaying the loop of YouTube tutorials he watched on how to create tech packs, researching how to set up supply chains and traveling internationally to source fabrics. Yet, the biggest hurdle proved to be the tireless search for the right manufacturer to partner with. “I was in New York at a trade show event looking for a manufacturer, and after days and days of meetings and interviews, I found one that was perfect for what we were trying to accomplish for O&S,” he says. “The next year of my life was dedicated to collaborating with the manufacturer on exactly what we wanted. It was a long, brutal and meticulous process but it was imperative that we got the product fit just right.”

Founder Ricardo Aviles personally packaged all O&S purchases with a personal motivational message inside each box. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Oak & Stone proved itself revelatory for men with V-shaped bodies. The ample stretch and breathability in the chest and arm area doesn’t sacrifice a flattering fit in the midsection, all while providing prime comfort and modern style. The Essential - Grey button-down was not only the very first shirt O&S designed, but remains the embodiment of the brand. “The wood buttons and stone-colored fabric make our name come to life,” says Aviles. “The long-sleeve flannel feels like your favorite broken-in shirt, but fits the way you’ve always wanted it to. It’s a true athletic fit that accentuates the physique of the person wearing it.” Its industrial-washed cotton flannel fabric is preshrunk and made to stand the test of time, while the darts on the back panel taper in tighter than typical shirts to really accentuate those countless hours of deadlifts and curl ups. From the Bar Pocket Tee to the Terry Sweater and the Classic Curve long-sleeve, there is finally an apparel line of everyday pieces that can take a man from a work meeting to watching the game with the boys, to date night with their SO. 

Morgan Alley, calisthenics athlete, buttoned up in The Essential - White. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Aviles is now at the point where he is not only building upon his collection of timeless tees and flannels, but trailblazing a fleet of elite athletes. Through ingenious branding on Instagram and organic word of mouth, O&S quickly garnered the attention of pro sports players in the NFL and MLB who couldn’t believe the high-quality fabric and sartorial cut for their builds. “I used to have to get my shirts tailored to fit me like this,” shares Devante Bond, linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Every day, more agents are reaching out to Aviles on behalf of their clients who want to align with the niche collection and attractive lifestyle brand. But O&S never just blindly signs somebody to the brand for the sake of using them like billboards to dip into their notoriety and influencer following. “We learn about them, build a relationship with them, we send them clothing, hear their feedback and make sure they’re a good fit for the brand,” explains Aviles. “Each of them has an incredible story and an incredible reason why they’re with us.” O&S has worked with all-stars ranging from Nick Dompierre, a local strength trainer and former pro skateboarder Nick Dompierre, to Richard Thompson, Olympic gold medalist sprinter and IMG Academy coach, and Eric Ten Brink, founder of private personal training company Athletes Trainer—sought after by pro athletes, actors, models and musicians. “More than just creating a successful clothing brand, my goal is to continue creating a community of athletes that inspire each other,” says Aviles. “We have a team mentality—we’re family. We’re all striving for the same thing and that is to be the best version of ourselves.”

Oak & Stone Team Spotlight

Chase Pettey / Adventure Fitness Trainer

Morgan Alley / Calisthenics

Devante Bond / Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker

Jalen Davis / Miami Dolphins Cornerback

Jeff Driskel / Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback

Oronde Vassell / Track & Field

Erik Ostberg / Tampa Bay Rays Catcher

Keishawn Bierria / Denver Broncos Linebacker

Leon Taylor / Tampa Bay Rowdies Forward

Noah Stone / Bodybuilder


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