Enter the story line.  The countdown begins. You have one hour to reach the conclusion till the credits begin to roll. Lokey’s Escape Rooms alter reality with highly immersive adventures, surprising encounters and creepy thrills. You and your party are put up against the clock to solve puzzles, decipher clues and complete the scripted challenge in the amount of time Anderson Cooper reports stories on 60 Minutes. Owners Richard and Chelsea Keehn are as passionate about movies and cinematography as playing games and problem solving enigmas. With Richard’s education and background in film as an award-winning screenwriter, and having played more than 100 escape rooms in their time, the couple began designing one-of-a-kind stories that haven’t been seen before—simulated settings based on Richard’s original scripts that “make players feel like they have entered another world,” they say. “We created experiences that strive to feel more movie-like than anything out there.” The theatrically themed experiences include three different filmic sets, including “Press Start,” a vibrant retro game world of pixelated fun and nostalgia; “Detention,” a hair-raising tale about five children, a ghostly teacher and unleashed superpowers; and “Trouble in Tinseltown,” a gripping black-and-white 1940s detective story where the only thing in color is you. “Entering an escape room should feel like stepping into a movie,” they say. “Emotions. Memories. Transported. Unforgettable moments that linger long after they leave. Players will feel not like they are ‘escaping a room.’ Rather, that they are moving through a story. And they are the stars.”