While the “tongue map” representing designated sections of our taste buds for certain flavors — has been scientifically debunked, the sensation of taste still exists in five established basic perceptions: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and savory. For antithetical lovers, the cliche “opposites attract” is particularly apt when tasting obverse flavors. So when a chef is daring enough to toss around different contrasting flavors into a single dish, a gustatory experience takes place like a bounce house in the mouth. Choose to get juxtaposed with surprisingly magnetic ingredients in these polar-pleasing dishes. 

Pistachio Falafel

The sweetness of tomato marmalade, fresh mint and basil, united with charred zucchini, pickled red onions and black garlic tzatziki. Indigenous, 239 South Links Ave., Sarasota, indigenoussarasota.com 

MADE Grilled Cheese

Housemade pimento cheese, spicy jalapeño jack cheese, sweet onion billionaire bacon jam, grilled green tomato, local arugula and leaf lettuces. MADE, 1990 Main St. #112, Sarasota, maderestaurant.com.

Kim Chee Yum Bun

A heap of housemade kimchee slaw, paired with ssamjang relish and a sour Korean pickle, served with a side of spicy sriracha mayo. Daily Bird, 1534 State St., Sarasota, daily-bird.com


Monte’s Carlo PB&J 

A party of peanut butter, jalapeno pepper jelly, bacon, jalapenos, salted potato chips and powdered sugar, served between sourdough. Gulf Gate Food + Beer, 6528 Superior Ave., Sarasota, eatfooddrinkbeer.com

Bourbon & Maple Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

Prepared with sweet maple syrup and a bourbon barbeque sauce, served on tart pomegranate-citrus grits and garnished with spicy chimichurri. Beach Bistro, 6600 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach, beachbistro.com 

"A Song of Ice and Fire" Cocktail

Puerto Rican Añejo Rum, brandy, orgeat, orange, lemon, Tiki bitters, cinnamon branch, pineapple crowned with a flamed lime doused in high proof rum, and served in a scorpion bowl. TheDoctor’s Office, 5312 Holmes Blvd. #B, Holmes Beach, doctorsofficeami.com

Sweet Brie Flatbread 

Sweet Granny Smith apples and smoked pulled chicken, married with brie cheese and mozzarella, topped with a savory white BBQ sauce. Good Liquid Brewing, 4824 14th St. W, Bradenton, thegoodliquidbrewing.com