What do you get when you teach Zumba classes via Zoom? “Zoomba,” of course—and it’s fitness instructor Krista DiTucci’s answer to mid-pandemic online fitness. The ultra-popular aerobic workout, which is inspired by Latin American rhythms, is not just for gym studios anymore. Two years into teaching, DiTucci pivoted to offering virtual classes. She hasn’t looked back. “I started teaching virtual classes right after the gyms shut down in March. There are so many great things about teaching Zumba virtually,” she says.

“I’m able to connect with friends, instructors and family members from all over the country who I would not have had the chance to dance with otherwise.” DiTucci currently teaches in-person classes twice a week at Crunch Fitness in West Bradenton, as well as online classes one to two times a week upon request. Participants can watch her livestreamed Zoom classes or opt for prerecorded classes through a service called ZIN Studio. “It’s really nice to be able to just throw my Zumba clothes on right before class and be ready to go. I would love for this trend to continue after the pandemic,” DiTucci says.

“It’s great to be able to offer classes to people who may not be able to make it to the gym due to time constraints, costs, transportation or other personal reasons.” But the most fulfilling part is seeing the effect it has on attendees during a time of limited interpersonal contact. It’s a total spirit lifter. “I’ve had students tell me that the ability to keep dancing has been their main source of happiness and inspiration during the pandemic,” she says. “It makes my heart so happy to see their smiles and sweat on the other end of the screen.” SRQ

To join a class, email cajunsinsation@gmail.com for details or go to zumba.com/en-US/profile/krista-ditucci/1588937.