Admit it, you still have a crush on the ice cream sandwich. And not just any ol’ Chipwich you used to run down the to the chiming truck for as a kid. You’re an adult now, with a refined palate and consciousness for quality ingredients. Nye’s Cream Sandwiches hand-scoops 3.5-ounces of homemade ice cream in between its baked gourmet cookie counterparts to be assembled, wrapped and packaged in Wilmington, North Carolina. From one coastal town to another, Sarasota’s Rise Coffee Co. shop gets these specialty sandwiches delivered directly to its freezer, with artisanal flavors rotating in and out by collection and seasons. Get ’em while they’re cold. 

Photography by Wyatt Kostygan


Pictured: Turtle Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream infused with house-made caramel and toasted pecans with rich chocolate ganache cookies.  Banana Nut Chocolate: Roasted walnuts and real bananas folded into ice cream, then give it a home sweet home between two chocolate ganache cookies.Blueberry Pie: Version of blueberry pie featuring fresh-picked North Carolina blueberry ice cream paired with two chewy sugar cookies. Meyer Lemon Cardamom:Meyer lemons are hand-zested and hand-squeezed to make a sweet and tangy ice cream, bordered with chewy ginger cardamom cookies for a light, refreshing taste. Peppermint Chocolate: Refreshing peppermint gravel ice cream is tucked between a duo of chocolate ganache cookies.  Chocolate Peanut Butter: Densely flavorful, this handcrafted creation features chocolate ice cream and two chewy peanut butter cookies.

Rise Coffee Co.& Nye’s Cream. 1534 State St., Sarasota, @riseandnyes.