Farmer’s Markets aren’t just for Old McDonald anymore. Fields filled with floppy tents and a handful of organic produce sellers have blossomed into bustling mini-festivals, providing a one-stop destination for those hoping to shop local across all avenues. While homegrown fruits and vegetables have persevered, you don’t need to be a farmer to get yourself a spot at the market. Modern vendors like Blue Flower Soy Candles were born from an allergy to harsh paraffin wax products, now selling everything from facial butter to hair oil, tents like Blue Flower create with the idea that small-batch, short-ingredient-list items are better for both consumers and the planet giving way to a wonderful wave of farmers market additions. 

Photography by Wyatt Kostygan


If you can’t make it to a market weekly, pantry swaps are a great way to begin integrating market shopping into your kitchen. Things like peanut butter, honey or jams are an easy way to add some local flair to your shopping list without having to constantly replenish. In our weird pandemic pursuit of normalcy, outdoor, socially distanced farmer’s markets provide a safe space to get a dose of some needed community and friendly faces. SRQ

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