Mochi donuts are capturing a lot of attention these days.  A fusion of American donuts and Japanese mochi, many consider these fluffy pastries with a satisfying chew to be the best of both the donut and mochi worlds. Mochinut Sarasota and Mochinut Bradenton, two of the latest in the unique Hawaiian style donut chain stores recently opened to the delight of local sweet-treat fans young and old. The shop features mochi donuts in unique shapes and colors, made of connected circles of 8 dough balls, interesting textures and light crispy coatings with a soft chewy inside. In addition to the donuts, Mochinut offers Korean rice flour hotdogs, bubble tea drinks and soft serve ice cream which when added to the donut, creates a combination called “delight”.  Unlike American donuts, mochi donuts are made with rice flour. The rice flour makes mochi donuts stretchy and chewy. There is a sticky addictiveness to each bite, a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts, according to the franchise’s website. And if you don’t see your favorite flavor on the shelf, fear not. Each mochi donut is freshly made every 15-30 minutes so just hang out and enjoy the aroma of what is soon to come.