Whether you’ve raised a glass to “cheers," “¡salud!” or “santé,” chances are you’ve experienced the universal pleasure of toasting together. Swiss citizens and owners of Bradenton-based Vine Importers Jlona and Stefan Dobler aim to shake up the American non-alcoholic drink market. As children, they toasted alongside the adults with products from Rimuss, a brand beloved in Switzerland for its non-alcoholic and sparkling drinks, and acquired a taste for the sophisticated yet accessible product. Having fallen in love with the United States on previous visits to the country, they decided to relocate stateside, taking over ownership of Vine Importers, which sells alcoholic products to licensed establishments and non-alcoholic products to the public, in late 2021 and moving to Florida in April 2022. “Our ambitions were to find products that did not exist in the U.S. market and introduce them to consumers,” adds Jlona. Rimuss, which held a special place in the Doblers’ hearts, was an obvious first choice.

Founded in 1954 in the Hallau region of northern Switzerland, Rimuss recognized the need for a special drink that everyone could enjoy on celebratory occasions, regardless of their age or ability to consume alcohol. The brand’s slogan “Mit Rimuss stossed alli aa!” means “With Rimuss everyone can toast,” referring to the fact that people of all ages can enjoy a Rimuss drink.  Jlona reached out to the Davaz family, who took over the brand’s parent company Rimuss & Strada Wein AG in 2017, to discuss the potential of becoming the first importer of Rimuss products to the United States. “Because we knew the brand as children, they trusted us and felt our passion and intention,” says Jlona. “They decided to give us a chance.

Vine Importers is introducing four Rimuss products to the American market: Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling White dealcoholized wines along with Champion Organic and Lychee Perl carbonated grape juices, both vegan options. With elegant bottles complete with a popping cork, the packaging is just as stunning as that of traditional alcoholic refreshments. Each drink has no added sugar, coloring or preservatives and meets the high standards set in Switzerland to ensure quality. The grapes, sourced from Italy and Germany, add just enough sweetness without overwhelming the palette. A drink that tastes delicious and brings everyone together? Cheers—or “zum Wohl” as they say in Switzerland— to that!