IN THE COMING-OF-AGE FILM LATE BLOOMERS, two women from different generations find themselves thrust together as they struggle to figure out their lives. The film follows Louise, a 28-year-old woman lacking direction, who breaks her hip in the process of trying to break into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment while drunk and winds up meeting Antonina, a misanthropic elderly Polish woman while in the hospital. While the two women have a rocky initial encounter, throughout the film they develop a strong friendship that helps each find purpose in her life. 

 “I connected with the script because we’re all late bloomers, and we all feel like we’re struggling and not growing up as fast as we want to,” says producer Alexandra Barreto. When they meet, Louise and Antonina face difficulties in communicating with their families, making it hard for them to move forward with their lives. While avoiding their issues, the pair must find ways to connect even though Antonina doesn’t speak English and Louise doesn’t speak Polish. This emphasis on human connection resonated with Barreto. “Communication comes in so many forms,” she adds. “You don’t have to speak the same language, and you don’t have to see the person every day, but maybe you should pick up the phone and call them and check in.” 

Louise and Antonina realize that despite their age gap, they are both at a similar crossroads concerning their relationships with their relatives. “What’s great about the movie is that there are different generations represented and it shows that growing up at any point in your life is hard,” Barreto says, “but as long as you’re trying, it’s okay.” Their adventures together help them empathize with and rekindle their familial bonds. “I hope that after someone watches the film, they realize that connection is so important,” she adds. “Sometimes when you haven’t talked to someone in a long time it feels scary to pick up the phone because you think they’re mad at you and they’re not going to receive you well, and I don’t think it matters. Just pick up the phone.”