Mixing Metals 

One of the prominent trends in kitchen design is the artful mixing of metals. In the past, many homeowners felt like they had to strictly adhere to using a single metal finish throughout the kitchen. Now, homeowners are embracing the freedom to create a striking and dynamic look by blending different metallic tones. “No matter what look you are going for, mixing metals adds visual interest to any kitchen,” Lowe says. “I feel the days of every single metal in your home being exactly the same are gone.”

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Must-Have Fixture 

“The new Odin Semi-Professional kitchen faucet brings customization to a whole new level,” Lowe says. “Arc and square spouts harmonize with Guyana Teak lever handles in any finish, creating endless combinations and endless appeal.”

Photo 3Workstation Sinks

Aesthetics aren’t the only consideration when it comes to interior design. Kitchens are one of the most heavily-used rooms in the house, so it’s important that they are as practical as they are visually pleasing. Workstation sinks have become increasingly popular in large part because they strike the perfect balance between form and function. “Workstation sinks have an accessory ledge that allows custom accessories like cutting boards, colanders and rolling mats to integrate seamlessly into the sink,” Lowe explains. “These sinks help you maximize your workspace while keeping your counters clutter-free.” Though workstation sinks have historically only been available in stainless steel, you can now find versions made from fireclay and composite materials. This innovation in materials makes the workstation sink more appealing to a wider cross-section of consumers. 

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Matte Black and Gold

Kitchen fixtures come in a wide array of colors and finishes, but Lowe notes that the combination of matte black and gold is holding strong right now. Together, matte black and gold offer a striking and sophisticated aesthetic while also exuding a timeless quality that transcends trends. Gold and matte black are versatile colors that can complement a variety of different design styles from modern to industrial, making them an ideal choice for those looking to update their kitchen with a trendsetting twist.