Relax with Fall Cocktails

Sarasota has long been known as a food lover’s paradise, and in recent years it’s also become a popular destination for craft cocktail connoisseurs. Like chefs, bar managers and mixologists invest a lot of time and care into developing unique recipes and sourcing high-quality ingredients as they endeavor to create incredible custom cocktails. This fall, you can keep cool with innovative artisan cocktails crafted right here in paradise.

Photography by Wyatt Kostygan

GOLDEN HIND  Veronica Fish and Oyster

At Veronica Fish and Oyster, where ship names often grace the drink menu, the Golden Hind is among the highlights. The drink’s moniker was inspired by the famous English ship of the same name that was piloted by Sir Francis Drake on his groundbreaking circumnavigation of the world in the sixteenth century. Created by Mike Yoder, bar manager at Veronica’s Oyster Bar, this refreshing drink combines vodka, Aperol and Thatcher’s Organic Elderflower liqueur, poured over ice in a wine glass. A dash of orange juice adds a zesty twist, while a top-off of champagne and a sprig of rosemary garnish complete the experience. The Golden Hind Cocktail is a delightful fusion of flavors that strikes a balance between a classic cocktail and a Mimosa. Its refreshing combination of ingredients makes it the perfect companion for a seafood feast or a delightful drink on any occasion. Experience the Golden Hind at Veronica Fish and Oyster and embark on a taste adventure that captures the spirit of exploration in a glass. Veronica Fish and Oyster, 1830 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota, 941-366-1342,

Photography by Wyatt Kostygan

Huzzah  State Street Eating House + Cocktails

State Street Eating House + Cocktails was one of the first establishments in Sarasota to embrace the craft cocktail movement. The team at State Street is dedicated to their craft, and that’s evident in the Huzzah, a deceptively complex cocktail. While crafting cocktails is often a collaborative effort at State Street, lead bartender and bar manager Michael Scott credits up-and-coming craft cocktail mixologist Lissette Serrano as the driving force behind the Huzzah, as it is her first creation to be spotlighted on the State Street cocktail menu, and it has quickly become a favorite among guests. The Huzzah cocktail captures attention from the very first glance, thanks to the unique Empress Gin used as its base. Infused with butterfly pea flower, this gin boasts a distinctive indigo hue. However, the addition of lemon juice during the cocktail’s preparation reveals a surprising transformation, turning the drink into a soft, blushy pink, akin to a magic trick unfolding before the eyes of patrons. The Huzzah achieves a perfect balance of flavors through its thoughtfully selected ingredients. The sweetness stems from a house made honey and ginger syrup, locally sourced for freshness and quality. Complementing the syrup is an allspice-laden amaretto liqueur that brings out the ginger notes, adding a delightful spice to the mix. The effervescence and crispness of a bubbly champagne float, specifically Brut champagne, provide a refreshing touch, harmonizing the various sweet components. State Street Eating House + Cocktails,1533 State Street, Sarasota, 941-951-1533,

Photography by Wyatt Kostygan

Sacred Corners Tzeva

Sarasota is known for its white sand beaches, but the inspiration behind the
Sacred Corners cocktail at Tzeva comes from another shore entirely. Nick Perdue, the beverage director at Tzeva, went on a transformative surfing adventure to Sayulita, Mexico. When he wasn’t on the water, he was enjoying the local food scene, including a refreshing local cocktail made from Reposado tequila, passion fruit syrup and a dash of orange juice. When he returned stateside, he set out to create a cocktail inspired by his journey. Perdue considers the ocean to be a sacred space, and his favorite surfing spot in Sayulita was a serene beach with a small cemetery nearby. When creating the Sacred Corners cocktail, Perdue drew inspiration not only from the flavors of the local cocktails he enjoyed, but also from the profound experience of his trip. The basis of the Sacred Corners cocktail is a Reposado tequila that has been infused with palo santo, a tropical wood that is used in rituals throughout the world. The earthiness of the infused tequila is brightened by a vibrant blend of fresh fruit juices including passionfruit, lime and orange. The essence of rose petals adds another layer of complexity to this exotic libation. Tzeva, 1255 N Palm Ave, Sarasota, 941- 413-7425,