Pops of Black

At Trade Mark Interiors, using black to pack a punch is not something to shy away from. Adding pops of such a highly contrasting shade can be a great way to ground a space while adding an exciting and dramatic flair. Adding black in a room can create gravity, instantly drawing a guest’s eye to a spectacular feature within the home that may have gone unnoticed before. “We get to create some big ‘wows’ in our designs by using black. It’s a trend that we’re going to see well into 2024 and it’s something that I’ve always said for years that every room needs a touch of black because that touch of black is gravity in the room,” says Tracee Murphy of Trademark Interiors. Another returning trend is arches. Arches are architectural features that are truly timeless, no matter what form they are found in, whether that be mirrors, windows or doorways. Historically, arches have been used in some of the most popular architectural styles, making them a classic feature that will be found in homes for years to come. Doorways are the most obvious way to incorporate arches into a dream home design, but subtle ways such as inset walls or hallways can also be a beautiful addition to any home makeover.  Trade Mark Interiors, 3232 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 941-879-9494,


Back to Nature

At Pier 22 Home Decor & Furnishings, creating an organic look is one of the most apparent trends. Taking inspiration from nature and incorporating it into all aspects of home design will give any home a comforting and effortless look for years to come and one way to achieve this is by bringing greenery into the home, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but can also promote creativity, relieve stress and purify air within the home. Another way to create this aesthetic is by using textures that mimic nature on rugs or pillows. Lastly, the color palette within a home is a simple way to exude the peaceful hues found in nature. Warm browns, soft greens and muted earth tones are a great place to start. Finally, the use of coastal colors and oceanic inspired decorations will never go out of style, but it is moving away from the beloved bright colors and cartoon fish motifs that many are familiar with. “Everybody wants to bring a little bit of that coastal feeling into their home,” says Heather Yates, co-owner of Pier 22 Home Decor. The “California Coastal” look starts with a clean palette based on whites or creams and is supplemented with ocean hues such as navy, or another sea-inspired shade, on pillows or rugs that will create a timeless coastal ambience, but in a new, subtle way.  Pier 22 Home Decor & Furnishings, 201 Nokomis Ave, Venice, 941-480-0452,

Coastal Chic

Sarasota homeowners are striving to design their homes to mimic nature, specifically the nature found here in the Sunshine State. Using natural materials, such as cotton and linen, they can emulate the sugary sand that every Floridan knows and loves. Following the trend of mimicking the coastal region in design, homeowners have been gravitating toward molten glass on wood pieces, not only emulating the coast with its color and driftwood base, but also because each piece is totally unique. Shiplap frames are also a simple way to incorporate coastal elements into the home, says Rene Perry of Breakwater Home Fashions.    Breakwater Home Fashions, 19795 Wellen Park Blvd, Venice, 941-584-5234,


Built-In Cabinetry

Homeowners are also beginning to move toward using cabinetry and built-in additions in more distinctive ways than ever before. Not only are kitchens and bathrooms seeing an influx in custom cabinets, but the trend is also leaning into repurposing rooms by adding useful built-ins. “We’re seeing lots of rooms turned into closets. So people have an extra bedroom and now, they want that walk-in closet with the island in the middle and they want the drawer systems. They’re turning rooms into full-on Sex in the City closets,” says Marketing Director Jennifer Horvat. Along with closets and home offices, homeowners are also bringing the custom, built-in cabinetry into the outdoor kitchens that became hugely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when finding ways to gather outdoors was a necessity. Florida Design Works, 4500 Carmichael Ave, Sarasota, 941-255-2703,

Backyard Sanctuary

Floridians are making their outside spaces–no matter how large or small they may be–more comfortable and homey than ever. State-of-the-art outdoor kitchens, complete with hooded grills, sprawling counter space and massive islands are increasingly popular. Additionally, the furniture itself, such as couches, pillows and chairs are high-quality and luxurious, making any backyard a sanctuary. This trend is versatile because not only can it apply to hosting game nights or potlucks for friends and family, but it also makes every night a staycation in your very own yard. Robert Davie says homeowners have recently begun bringing artwork into their gardens, pairing their colorful flowers with sculptures, painting and other forms of physical art. Whether it be large paintings on walls or windmill sculptures that coordinate with the landscaping, self-expression can be found in all corners of a home this year. Within this trend, homeowners are also searching for custom-made art to place in their gardens, making their backyards not only a peaceful sanctuary, but also a treasure trove of the art and beauty that sparks joy.  Robert Davie & Associates Landscaping, 3319 Plantation Dr, Sarasota, 941-924-6629,

Magnetic Screen Enclosures

Any Floridan can attest to the fact that having high-quality and efficient screens is a priority for keeping the bugs and heat away. Joey Coco from Budget Blinds & Inspired Drapes says that this year, magnetic closure screens are the way to go. Contrasting the commonly used zip-closure screens, magnetic closure screens are significantly more durable and come with a longer warranty due to the company’s trust in their product. Additionally, Coco says that side drapes have also been popular. Not only are the side panels less expensive than regular singular drapes, they also give a modern and classic look to any window.  Budget Blind & Inspired Drapes, 5405 University Parkway, Unit 106, University Park, 941-342-0900,