Voters may not trust politicians to balance the budget each year, but our readers trust in the accountants at Suplee, Shea, Kramer and Rocklein to keep their own books in order. The Sarasota firm won this new category easily. Also in the running, Piper, Hawkins and Company tied with Kerkering Barberio as first runners-up. CS&L CPA and John Michael Smith tied for second runner-up while Brian Palmer got third runner-up.—JO


Curtis Ross (on Suplee Shea): Sometimes it’s nice just to bounce ideas off of their knowledgeable staff for business-related transactions throughout the year to find out implications on taxes. I get my taxes prepared by Suplee and Shea because I end up with a plan, goals and an idea of what to do moving forward. Sabine Kruta (on Piper Hawkins): Piper Hawkins went above and beyond when I was in my first year of owning my small business. No question was ever dismissed and they truly cared about my business’ well being. I could not have opened my doors without them. Any client who wants to be treated like a person not a number would be happy with their personal service.