Those predicting an upset were in for one of their own as Patrick’s 1481 coasted to another charbroiled victory in this year’s Best Burger election. Supporters cited exceptional variety and key positions on bacon and grilled onions as central factors. Gecko’s Grill and Pub and its Blue Cheese Burger wrangled up a first runner-up finish, while Square 1 returns to the list as second runner-up after a year’s absence. Last year’s first runner-up, S’macks Burgers and Shakes, holds on at third runner-up.—PL

Fred Lasky (on Patrick’s): Being a native of The Bronx (note the capitals!), an emporium featuring a juicy, tasty burger with such a title deserves a double thumbs up from me. Jason Owens (on Gecko’s) Management of their $5 burger Wednesday is nothing short of perfect. When ordering a burger, you can actually tell the difference between ordering medium vs. medium rare. Randy Kraft (on Square One): Reasonably priced, with frequent buy-one-get-one promotions. Can get burgers of all kinds on a bed of greens, instead of a bun. Best onion rings around.