Sarasota County Commissioner Paul Caragiulo remains a winner with our voter pool, winning his fifth consecutive election to a top spot in a Best of SRQ Local category. Indeed, county officials dominated this year, with Sarasota County Commissioners Christine Robinson and Carolyn Mason winning the first and second runner-up contests respectively. In the third runner-up spot was School Board Member Bridget Ziegler. None of these officials are up for a “real” election this year, but all can still tally a strong showing for 2016.—JO

David Karins (on Caragiulo): I have discussed several construction industry topics with Commissioner Caragiulo. Each time I am impressed by how he is concerned for the welfare of the county and attempts to hear all perspectives. I believe Commissioner Caragiulo’s leadership is good for Sarasota County. Daniel Minor (on Carolyn Mason): I lived a couple blocks away from Commissioner Mason and noticed that almost every time there was a need in our local neighborhood she was always there advocating without the local press or cameras documenting her commitment to the people she represents. I have personally never witnessed a local politician or leader that seems to actually care about the people she is elected to serve and that keeps her word regardless of the political pressure from special interests. Eureka Webb (on Mason): My church needed some issues addressed and it seemed as everyone had a deaf ear to the issues at hand until Ms. Mason took interest.