Sometimes having a good environment where you can dish about work is as important as what gets served on the plate. For those occasions, our readers recommend Gecko’s Grill and Pub, a local chain with the right menu for any deal-making and a staff that knows you only have an hour for lunch. In the first runner-up spot, Patrick’s 1481 earns accolades, and the luncheon-ready Michael’s on East represents in the second runner-up position, with voters calling staff “classy and professional.” State Street Eating House came in as third runner-up.—JO

Pat Husted (on Gecko’s): The salads are delicious and large portions. The ingredients are always fresh and dressings are yummy. Virginia Carnahan (on Patrick’s): Patrick’s is the place to be at lunch, especially on Mondays when their signature burger is just $5. There is a palpable buzz of happy conversation and delight as one spots friends, dignitaries, politicians and other business folk sinking their teeth into the perfectly cooked, all-American burger. Yum. It is a great way to get the week off to a very good start. Brian McCarthy (on Patrick’s): Atmosphere, variety of menu, quick and a great burger, particularly on Monday. Joan Boltax (on MOE): The restaurant is classy and the wait staff very professional. Tables are just the right distance from each other making conversations pretty confidential, unless someone is speaking loudly. The welcome is friendly and accommodating. I just love MOE for lunch, cocktails and dinner... feels like I am in a fine NYC restaurant.