Despite a prolonged absence due to renovation this year, Pho Cali sweeps the contest again in this second year for the category, setting the bar not only for primo pho but also for customer loyalty. Miss Saigon rises in the rankings to first runner-up, while newcomers Pho 99 and Pho 101 make debuts at second and third runners-up respectively. —PL

Mark van den Broek (on Pho Cali): The food is consistently good. I’ve never had a bad meal there. Prices are fair and the amount of food is a good value. Chris Sensenig (on Miss Saigon): The Vietnamese fried rice is delicate, isn’t oily, has flavor, great shrimp and combined with the cucumber salad that accompanies the fried rice take-out, is something to crave. Emily Lane (on Miss Saigon): Having worked on the edge of Boston’s Chinatown for several years, I got acquainted with a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, and the ones I love the best are those that serve food that’s flavorful without being Americanized. To me, Miss Saigon feels like “home cooking.” Made with love and served in a family atmosphere. Karen Rodemaker (on Pho 99): Their food is flavorful and clean. No heavy sauces. Love their egg rolls too.