It’s a crowded field in a coastal town of culinary delight, but JPan Restaurant wraps up the competition this year by an impressive margin, riding a clamor for more Crunchy Munchy and Origami Rolls from chef Daniel Dokko. Pacific Rim moves up a notch as Yume steps down, putting the pair in a tie for first runner-up this year and leaving room for Best Of newcomers Tsunami at second runner-up and Yo! Sushi and Ginza in a dead heat for third runner-up.

Tori Viesta (on Jpan Restaurant): The service is great and the ambiance is so relaxing. The sushi is consistently amazing and the menu offers something for everyone. Valeria Clayton (on Jpan Restaurant): I have been to JPan numerous times. Their variety and quality in food is the best in town. I recently had a business lunch meeting in there and the service was outstanding. Becky Bragg (on Pacific Rim): Sitting at the sushi bar and chatting with the chefs is always a pleasure. Everything is as beautiful as it is delicious. Bart Russell (on Pacific Rim): We had our first Pacific Rim “experience” soon after the restaurant opened. We were two couples with varied Asian food tastes and PR delivered the goods. The restaurant serves great sushi, wok bowls and other inventive fusion offerings in a great Hillview location with a fun atmosphere. So much good food, so little time. Adrienne Wagner (on Tsunami Sushi): After living in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years, I got used to great Japanese food and excellent service. Tsunami is all that. Molly Dennehy (on Tsunami Sushi): I love Tsunami because of their fresh, inspired sushi rolls. I have never had bad service there.