Who’s got spirit? No private school in the region drew the level of enthusiasm this year, from tuition-shelling parents and successful alumni alike, as Out-of-Door Academy. But right behind, Sarasota Christian School enjoyed enough support to place as runner-up in our competition. Cardinal Mooney High School enjoyed enough votes to put it in the second-runner spot while St. Stephen’s Episcopal School came in as third runner-up. 

Molly Klauber Biter (on ODA): I attended ODA for middle school and thanks to their college prep and advanced classes, I was able to graduate high school a year-and-a-half early. I remember many of my teachers that may or may not still be there like Mr. Schultz, Mrs. Dickinson and Coach Brewer who really had a memorable impact on my education. The small classes gave the teachers the ability to spend extra time with students that needed it. Robert Holzler (on ODA): Out-of-Door Academy’s dedication to the post-graduation success of their students is unparalleled in our area. I would consider them to be Sarasota’s only Ivy League-caliber school.