What better way to watch a debate than with a bowl full of Tropical Shores Gourmet Popcorn to nosh upon? It’s a snack made and munched in this community, and according to our readers, the trendiest treat in the area. When you are done chowing down, find someone to grab a craft beer with and go on an adventurous Brew Thru SRQ, the runner-up for top trend. And because health food seems the farthest thing from our readers minds this year, finish everything off with a designer donut from La Dona Donuts. Of course, not every trend written onto our ballot was ingestible. Urban living, roundabouts and vibrant downtowns all deserve honorable mention.

Katie Rose (on Tropical Shores): They’re taking a classic item, popcorn, and making it something everyone can enjoy by having different flavors. Yum. Patrick Bowers (on Tropical Shores): This is a completely new and emerging trend in today’s market. I have never seen or heard of anything related to Tropical Shores, so I had to check out the excitement for myself. In my first visit, I found out that they have something to offer for everyone. I was attracted by the notion that you could actually flavor your popcorn and eat it too. Nick DeVito II (on Tropical Shores): There is nothing like it anywhere around. I am a huge popcorn lover and they have racks of popcorn buckets filled with different, sometimes interesting flavors. Sheryl Hughes (on Brew Thru SRQ): The public is excited by Brew Thru SRQ because it is local, unique and an all-inclusive experience. As with the popularity of cooking shows, people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes. They want an interactive experience that provides education, sampling and fun. Jordan Oliveira-Heller (on La Dona): These donuts have taken the area by storm for a few reasons, mostly because they taste amazing. La Dona also has an ever-changing menu. There’s always the “old reliable” donuts like Maple Bacon, but then there are weekly and seasonal specials. The Easter donut last year had green coconut that mimicked the plastic grass you find in an Easter basket with a marshmallow peep stuck to the middle. It’s very creative and tasty.