Thinking of springing for that shagadelic master bedroom of your dreams? Tap this year’s best interior designer Erin Delia Glueck for all your far out decorating needs. Anna Santa Maria came in as a close second to Erin, ultimately furnished with first finalist. Stellar stylist April White rode into the second finalist spot while Double Vision Interiors and Joyce Goldstein tied for third.

Penny Milligan (On Erin Delia Glueck): We worked with Erin Delia Glueck on an addition to our home. She was able to suggest a design that was efficient, budget-friendly and beautiful. She was able to make the addition seem like it had always been there. Her suggestions for color and furniture were invaluable. Overall, Erin is an enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable professional.

Adrianna Paradiso (On Anna Santa Maria): Anna Santa Maria is the consummate professional with impeccable design sense, but also relaxed, casual and so easy to work with, especially when you have your own ideas/opinions (as we do). We specifically chose her as we had a coastal contemporary new build project, and saw her prior work in several Steve Murray homes that matched our vision perfectly. She welcomes client input and suggestions easily, and our project was such a success that we will be working with her on another contemporary/mid-century modern project soon. 

Linda Dietrich (On Joyce Goldstein): Impeccable style and taste. She is great at sizing up an area and making suggestions you never even thought of.

Lisa Weaver (On Double Vision Interiors): Fabulous flair paired with attention to detail and excellent customer service.