Yowza! Beneva Flowers dominated this category with 90 percent more votes than the first finalist. Victoria Blooms holds that distinction with Flowers by Fudgie and Bee Ridge Florist coming in as a tie for second finalist. Third was a close tie between Awesome Orchids (“Because orchids are IT,” says Kelly Stevens) and Elegant Designs.

Jimmye Reeves (On Beneva Flowers): Any time I have ordered from Beneva Flowers, I have never been disappointed. Their designs are creative and you never have to worry about whether or not the flowers are fresh.

Minta Getzen (On Victoria Blooms): Victoria Blooms never ceases to amaze me with their ability to create beautiful arrangements to suit any occasion. They can do classic, contemporary and even floral headpieces—and they do it all so very well. Their creativity is endless. 

Jessica Stevens (On Flowers by Fudgie): Becki is the best in the biz.

Virginia Charlotte (On Bee Ridge Florist): Contemporary beauty.